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Queensland is synonymous with seafood. Every second restaurant is sure to have an amazing signature seafood dish on their menu, such as Il Centro’s Sand Crab Lasagne, as featured on the front cover of the last issue of Dining Out Magazine Brisbane. It makes sense, being seafood fanatics and all, that Queensland’s East Coast is the home of the largest fleet of fishing boats in Australia. One of the most rewarding things about being a local, is the range of seafood that we have access to. It makes some our Southern counterparts somewhat green with envy. With access to the fisherman’s freshest catch at your local, we can see the fish coming in off the trawlers and straight to the restaurant.

Dining Out sat down with Executive Chef, Sunil Savur, from Gambaro’s, a Seafood institution in Brisbane since the early 70’s. Savur explains that Gambaro’s stocks between 5-6 varieties of fresh fish daily, and ensures they come from the local trawlers between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. The Gambaro Family places great importance on sourcing the freshest produce in Brisbane and local areas, and uses local produce as much as possible. An example is a popular dish from the a la carte menu – the famous Gambaro Seafood Platter, including Ocean King Prawns from Mooloolaba, Bugs from Moreton Bay, Oysters from Tasmania or Coffin Bay, Sand Crab from Brisbane River mouth, Mud Crab from Brisbane River Mouth or Stanage Bay and Lobster from Tasmania. Salivating yet? So whether it is following what is so entrenched in the essence of what it is to be a Queenslander, throw a shrimp on the Barbie or indulge in a fine seafood dining experience in one of the many excellent restaurants throughout Brisbane, I am sure that this has whet your appetite. So go forth and eat meat, the white one that is!

Author: Melissa Hoedel

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