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To continue on from our previous post about Pop up restaurants featuring Alfred & Constance: Pork, Cork & Fork, in this post we will have a closer look at Dîner en Blanc.

Dîner en Blanc was started in 1988 by Frenchman Francois Pasquier, when he wanted to organise a catch-up picnic under the stars with friends. With too many takers to dine in his own garden, he suggested that they convene at the Bois de Boulogne in Paris. So as to ensure everyone was identifiable, all were asked to dress in white. Hence Dîner en Blanc was born and has since travelled worldwide and hosted as many as 15,000 in one sitting. Spectacular, captivating and inspirational, it could easily be identified as ‘flash mob dining’.

Brisbane was the first city in Australia to host the event, and 1000 people clad in white, toting their own tables, chairs, cutlery and picnic basket, convened on the Cultural Forecourt of South Bank, September 2012. The Brisbane event was co-ordinated by Amy Saunders and Brooke Murphy, along with an army of local volunteers and the resources of the international network. Ms Saunders says, “Dîner en Blanc is the chance, just for one night, to take over a city landmark and return it to the people. It’s a nice opportunity to share a meal with friends and experience a public space in the city in a new way.”

The planning for the 2013 Brisbane Dîner en Blanc is already well underway with over 6,000 people on the waiting list. There is not much they can give away, however they are hoping to host the event at approximately the same time as last year (the beginning of Spring) and of course the location will be kept top secret until the very last minute, so no clues here. If you are keen to participate, register your interest at

Note: Apology for our Brisbane Magazine (in its printed form) not clarifying the  photography copyright. All Alfred & Constance images were provided by them and the copyright/ownership remains theirs. The image at the bottom of the page was indeed by Renee and provided by Dîner en Blanc.

Author: Melissa Hoedel

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