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I am sure by now that you have heard of or even experienced a pop up Restaurant. For those not in the know, a pop up restaurant is a when a temporary restaurant is set up in a temporary space. It can be for a few hours or even for a few months. Usually taking advantage of unique and different spaces/venues.

Popular in Europe for years, they are quickly being introduced on Australian soil and we can’t seem to get enough of the concept. What was once cool and underground is now embracing a newfound mainstream culture. It is also quickly becoming part of many new Restaurant’s launch strategy or simply a strategy to further promote already exiting (and often well-known) restaurants and restaurateurs, providing a platform to promote their product to in a different setting to a potentially different audience.

Whether you have actually been to a pop up restaurant or not, you may have already (in avertedly) experienced one (well watched one anyway), shows such as My Kitchen Rules  (on Channel 7) and Masterchef (Channel 10), showcase them to the mainstream.

Not to be left behind in the fashionable dining stakes, Brisbane has been host to a variety of different Pop Up Restaurants over the past few years. To highlight two fantastic events held in Brisbane, Dining Out had a closer look at Dîner en Blanc and Alfred & Constance’s – Pork, Cork & Fork. This blog article takes a look at Alfred & Constance’s – Pork, Cork & Fork pop ups.

Wood-cooked food, home-made sweets, beer, cider, jam jar tiki cocktails and music, sounds like the perfect street party, well it was the first introduction of Alfred & Constance’s ‘Pork, Cork & Fork’, as part of the Teneriffe Festival in July last year. It proved to be such a success that they followed up with ‘Pork, Cork & fork 2’ in October last year.

Both of these fabulous, delicious and colourful events were essentially a great introduction to the opening of the Alfred & Constance venue in Fortitude Valley. What a success! The timber character homes that comprise the venue, coupled with the ‘clean food’, whole-animal cooking, locally sourced, ethically raised, nothing wasted ethos laid down by Patron Chef Jocelyn Hancock and Head Chef David Lindsey, echo beautifully their introduction via the pop-up restaurant.

Clearly established now on the casual lunch and dinner dining circuit for Brisbane, we also have to make mention to the Vanguard Beer Garden and the fabulous White Lightning Tiki Bar, all definitely worth checking out.

Find them at the corner of Alfred & Constance Streets, Fortitude Valley or go to their website:

Note: Apology for our Brisbane Magazine not clarifying the  photography copyright. All Alfred & Constance images were provided by them and the copyright/ownership remains theirs (not photographed by Renee, as indicated).

Author: Melissa Hoedel

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