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Think back to how you first learnt to cook. Was it your mum, nanna or even your father that taught you the tricks of the trade? From when we are children, our palates develop and we often aspire to expand our culinary repertoire. For many of us we often hone our skills and expand our knowledge base by employing collaborative efforts in the kitchen with friends and family. Beyond this how do you find your food inspiration and learn new things? Is it through your favourite cooking celebrity/show, or the endless designer-esque recipe books or magazines that you may indulge in, or your favourite blog (hint hint). Perhaps events such as the Noosa International Food & Wine Festival, is where you find your culinary mo jo?

Despite all the various resources out there, I believe that there is no better learning than doing!  This is why I have craved for so long, to ‘go back to school’, well cooking school that is. I have put off for so long the ‘weekend away’, aka girls trip for a weekend cooking school (and wine) trip in the hinterland (see some fabulous examples below). However the logistics, time away from the kids/family etc, seem to make this adventure unattainable. Do not fear, the urban cooking school is here! They are fast becoming more commonplace and this ‘adventure’ now seems to be within reach.

Brisbane is quickly becoming a hub for some fabulous new cooking schools in and around the city. Some are stand-alone and others are in conjunction with restaurants. Dining Out sat down with one from either camp, The Golden Pig Food & Wine School in Newstead and Spring Food + Wine in Felix St, Brisbane City (deets in a separate blog post).

Katrina and Mark Ryan (legendary chefs in their own right) opened The Golden Pig Food & Wine School in October 2012. What a success! Perhaps it has something to do with their culinary experience, expertise and their love of (in their own words), “laid back style of the city of Brisvegas”.

Katrina and Mark Ryan who have a wealth of experience in the hospitality and design industries. Katrina learnt to cook with Neil Perry and was Head Chef of Rockpool restaurant for 3 years. Mark was head chef at the Bathers Pavilion Restaurant before opening The Pig and the Olive restaurants. A sea change in 2000 brought them to the Sunshine Coast where Katrina taught at the Spirit House Cooking School for 11 years.

So more about the school itself, think inner city large, light filled and funky warehouse space, the stuff of dreams. Variety seems to be the key, with the school holding a variety of cooking classes, wine and beer workshops and food and wine events including corporate team building events. The kitchen and warehouse space can accommodate up to 150 people for launches, product promotions and corporate team building events.

As well as running hands-on cooking classes in all styles of cuisines, they also run fortnightly workshops in Craft Beer and Wine and Food matching. The are also intertwining guest chefs Christine Manfield and Matt Moran and Cheesemaker, Richard Thomas.

It all sounds pretty spectacular, and by all accounts it is pretty spectacular. So what are you waiting for, check it out for yourself!

The Golden Pig Food & Wine cooking school, check out their website or drop them a line 07 3666 0884 to find out more.


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